Aug 11, 2014

Lulu & Georgia

Monday, we meet again! Although I am not as sick of you as I have been in month's past.  I don't know if it's the wonderfully nice weather we seem to be having or the fact that my move is coming up really fast, but I don't loathe you or much these days, for that matter.

Since finding out I would be moving to a bigger space, I have been endlessly searching and looking for decor/design ideas like it's my job.  I have had to become more realistic Sarah and stay away from anything relating to fashion for the moment (insert sigh here), and focus my time and budget on more home related things.  I have realized that it's not been all that bad.  Trying to design and decorate a new place is actually really fun and exciting.  I have been in more furniture stores over the last two weeks than I care to count, but have finally decided on what 'look' I am going for and now the fun begins - buying! I cannot wait for it to all come together.  

I stumbled across Lulu & Georgia a year or so ago and have been swooning over their site ever since.  I have made a 'wish list' on their site and it houses all the things I am hoping to purchase sooner rather than later.  They have great rugs, throw pillows, accessories and knick knacks that turn a space into a home or cozy nook you have been dying to create.  They have every look you could possibly be going for and at reasonable prices, which is great for those of us who have so much to purchase!

Below are a few of the things I have added to the wish list that I am hoping to add to my new apartment.  It also gives you a little idea of the plans I have for the space, design wise.


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