Aug 21, 2014

Weekend Getaway | Travel Style

Oh Happy Day! Not only is it Thursday (1 day closer to the weekend), but I am heading to San Francisco today for a long weekend with a fabulous friend! I cannot wait to spend time catching up, drinking wine, and enjoying one last trip before the craziness of fall comes around.  

So it's no surprise that this weeks Weekend Style is all about travel.  I refuse to check a bag unless I am going to be gone for more than a week.  Since moving to NYC, I travel a lot more frequently than I used to, which has forced me to really be thoughtful about what I pack.  Gone are the days of just throwing everything in suitcase and planning outfits when I get there.  I am all about bring things that are versatile.  Whether that be day to night, changing temperatures, or wearing some things more that once (yes, it is OK to wear something two days in a row)

I have a huge crush on Madewell and have actually for a while now.  They just have so many great, good quality pieces.  Below are a few outfits I have been eyeing for some time.  Every single piece is from Madewell, and even better, they allow you wear items more than once, while still looking fabulous! 

Also, my most favorite booties in the whole wide world are from Madewell. I wore them so much last year I had to order the black just so I could give the others a rest! They have withstood the hard and nasty streets of NYC, so you know they are the real deal! Do yourself and your wardrobe a favor and get them!  In both colors! 
Weekend Wear | Madewell
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Outfit 1  
This green silk dress is perfect for a relaxing day brunching, taking in the sights or whatever your day has in store.  It isn't heavy or fussy which is great when traveling.  I would add the jean vest over for a more casual look and if you wanted to wear this into the evening, take that off and just add a dressier shoe and small clutch.  If it's going to be a little cooler, you could put the white button down from outfit two under the dress and belt it at the waist for a more tailored look.  

Outfit 2  
I don't know what it is, but I am loving that wide leg pants are coming back for Fall.  I have always been a lover of the wide leg option.  And I just adore this outfit.  It's very boho and the fabrics are super lightweight so it's perfect for traveling and exploring.  You can also add the jean jacket over the button down to add another dimension to your look.  It also tapers in the shirt and your top half a little so if you are worried you look too baggy, this is a quick fix. 

All the accessories will go with both outfits and if you wanted to add flat booties or sandal instead of the heel, those are great options too! Once you start to think about a piece's versatility, this will become easier.  Most of my purchases are bought with this mindset - how many different ways and places can I wear this one piece?  If I cannot think of at least three, then I usually pass.  

p.s - I have the tote above and it is the perfect 'everyday' ,'any occasion' bag.  Throw whatever you need in it and go.  I have been really hard on it and its still standing and in great shape! Trust!

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