Sep 4, 2014

Bow & Drape

A few months ago, the fabulous team at Bow & Drape reached out to me to give their upcoming site a whirl before it went live.  And how could I not say yes?  Any time one gets to design their own clothing pieces or accessories it's a no-brainer to jump on it!

Once you create an account, you can jump in and start designing.  Right now the design options are a sweatshirt, crew neck t-shirt, crop turtleneck, denim jacket, long sleeved t-shirt and ball cap.  You can add appliques, bows, beading and embroidery in any design or fashion your little heart desires.  I could spend hours just creating different garments and designs.  And the best part? It's your design - a one of a kind piece just for you! Their price points are so reasonable and affordable, it's almost crazy not to create and order your personal piece.

A little bit about Bow & Drape:
Our products are built with a little extra sparkle. They aren't mass-produced, and they  are anything but basic. That's because they are designed by our customers. Our customers are inventive, they are a little bit cheeky, and they know who they are. Their personality is built into every item Bow & Drape finishes to-order in the USA. And that's what makes our products different. We let you make a statement. Literally or  figuratively.

With Fashion Week buzzing in the air, what better time to work on your own creativity and design? Let Bow & Drape kick start your design career! Here are a few designs that others have created. 

images from Bow & Drape

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