Nov 11, 2014

NY See | Winter Village at Bryant Park

It's safe to say that I love Christmas more than any holiday, my birthday included.  There is just something about this time of year that makes even a Monday enjoyable!  Living in New York only intensifies my adoration for the Holiday Season.  There are so many things for you to see and do during November and December that it's just about impossible to fit them all in!  But every year I try to take advantage of all the culture and holiday events I can.  Over the next few weeks the NY See posts will be all the fun things to do in New York over the holidays.  If you are here visiting, or just looking for something to do next weekend, these are great options and are sure to get you in the Holiday Spirit! 

The first must see is the Winter Village at Bryant Park.  If any of you have been to Bryant Park, you know its usually filled with summer movies on the lawn, yoga classes, and people just enjoying a bit of nature in the concrete jungle.  From mid October until January, it's transformed into a winter wonderland complete with an ice skating rink , little holiday shops and few seasonal places to take a break to eat or drink.  The ice skating rink is open until March, but the shops close in early January.  With over 125 boutique-like shops, you are bound to find a few things for those loved ones on your list this year.  They have everything from bath products, quirky bags, local food/cuisine, to dainty jewelry.  There will be something for everyone to enjoy here.  

So grab a friend and head out to Bryant Park this weekend!

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