Aug 20, 2015


Well, the move is over and we safely made it to DC!  Aside from reserving a truck too small and having to leave a few pieces of furniture behind (picture the Hunger Games: Furniture Edition), the move wasn't too terribly painful.  Driving a U-Haul through Manhattan was an experience and the traffic once we got to Baltimore was heinous, but we made it here and I am all moved in and getting settled.

I don't think Chip really knew how much stuff was packed into my NY apartment.  He and the movers kept saying "how did all this fit?" Well, I'm blaming genetics, my type-a personality, and my hatred for clutter and messiness. And having lived in NYC for 4 years, you start to really get crafty with organization and storage.  Which has come in very handy when trying to fit all my 'must haves' into and apartment for two.  It has all seemed to fit and with a bit of space to spare, but my fall wardrobe/must haves are a bit more than my summer staples, so we will see how things go in a month or so when it's brought here from storage!

I have wrapped up a few of my favorite Space Saving items that are perfect for those small spaces or when you have to share space with a significant other or roommates.  These little changes have been lifesavers.  Probably my best purchase to date has been my bed.  It's from Ikea and has turned out to be a lifesaver!  I linked it below as well as some other favorites I can't live without!  Click the links below to check them out!

I have had this bed since moving to NYC and it is literally like having another closet. Definitely a must-have now that space is limited in our apartment. 



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