Sep 10, 2015


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It's that time of year again! The time when bloggers, models, fashionistas, and hopeful designers all descend on New York City to attend shows, presentations, and upcoming collections from the hottest designers.  Four years ago I attended my first Fashion Week and was able to see first hand what actually goes down at these things.  Some of it utter ridiculousness and some of it truly inspiring.  

I would be lying if I didn't admit to having a bit of FOMO this year as invites came in and I had to regretfully decline as I am not able to make the trip up this season.  I am realizing that I really took for granted all that was happening around me.  How I could drop in on a presentation on my lunch break, run to a show after work or grab drinks with some girlfriends while checking out the newest beauty products or jewelry lines.  I was really connected and fortunate to live in New York and this year it's hitting home just how lucky I was to get to experience that for 8 seasons.  

I will be watching from DC this week and covering some shows of my favorite designers, so make sure to come back to see what your closet needs come Spring!  You can never be too ahead of the game as far as your closet is concerned! 


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