Oct 30, 2015

{friday favorites} 10.30.15

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Happy Friday, Lovelies!! And also Happy Halloween Eve!! I'm sure I am going to get a lot of Boooo's (pun intended) for this, but I am not really a 'Halloween person.'  And by that I mean, I don't get all into it and really care for it. At.All.  Maybe it's my paralyzing fear of clowns and masks, or the nasty fake wigs or people jumping out and scaring me. . . Who knows.  The only thing I actually look forward to in regards to Halloween is - Candy - and most importantly - Candy Corn.  But all that aside, it is really fun to see what crazy costumes people come up with each year.  I'm looking forward to seeing some good ones tomorrow!  In honor of this candy crazed holiday, I thought I would do a Halloween themed Friday Favorites.  Below are some Spooktacular links for you to check out! xx

** this may be a hard sell as not many people like Candy Corn - but if you are wanting a fun and different dessert to bring to a part this weekend - try these

** Erica Domesek is one pretty creative chick.  If you haven't see her video of Halloween costume Pun's you need to see it 

** Spooky cocktail recipes to make while watching Hocus Pocus for the one millionth time

** No time for a thought out costume - here are some makeup ideas that are costumes themselves 

** If you are up for a weekend full of scary movies - here are a few ideas

Oct 27, 2015

Fall Wardrobe Staples

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Well, for me anyway.  Once the temperatures start to linger in the low seventies, high sixties, my mood immediately gets better.  Boots, Scarves and Sweaters are three things I adore and will probably be buried in (along with one of my bags, of course).  I have been trying each season to purchase staples that will work season after season.  Yes, there are always those 'must-have' new or trendy items, which I sometimes do purchase (on the lower price point end, as they are usually a one season wear), but I have found that season after season there are those pieces that you can never go wrong with purchasing.  Below are my fall wardrobe staples, that I reach for more often that not.  They are great when you can't think of anything to wear, and are great pieces to complete a look on the fly.


Oct 23, 2015

{friday favorites} 10.23.15

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Another week down! This week was pretty calm and I took full advantage of it!  It's amazing what a little rest and down time can do for you!  I'm hoping for a more productive weekend and getting out to enjoy the weather and fall scenery.  That is one thing I have really missed - the changing of the seasons and being able to see if for yourself!  Here 's to a fabulous weekend! xo

** Thinking of getting away for the Holidays? If that isn't possible, this list of books might be your answer 

** I have a love for Cobalt and this gorgeous jacket is calling my name!  AND it's affordable! WIN WIN!

** Being a chapstick lover (addict) - I don't typically wear lipstick or gloss because I had the way most of them feel.  Might have to try a few from this list to see if I can add some spice to my lip regimen 

** Having a family member on the Autism Spectrum, this is a great stride in awareness and inclusion - Well done Sesame Street

** Adele is BACK, y'all!  You have to hear her new single

** For all you emoji-loving people out there - a new update was issued Wednesday and we now have 150 new emoji's to play with!  Including a champagne bottle, tacos, a middle finger and a unicorn!  Happy Texting!!


Oct 21, 2015

NYFW SS/16 (Part II)

You will start to notice a trending theme for Spring 2016.  Black, White and Neutrals mixed with florals seem to be the trend for next season and this girl is A OK with it!  Below are a few of my favorites.

Jason Wu

Kate Spade

Pamella Roland


Christian Siriano


Banana Republic 

Jill Stuart 


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Oct 16, 2015

{friday favorites}

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Another week down! I'm so looking forward to a relaxing weekend here.  We aren't traveling until Christmas and I am so excited to finally have weekends at home and time to enjoy DC.  Fall is definitely here and I'm looking forward to getting out and enjoying every minute of it.  Have a fabulous weekend, lovelies! xx

** whether you like Donald Trump or not - this is a really good article on his daughter, Ivanka

** the perfect fall dress for all your holiday festivities.  Get in my closet! 

** i love the pink color if this bag.  A great way to add color to your fall neutrals

** your laugh for the day - Jimmy Fallon never disappoints. 

** it's pumpkin season - so why not try these for breakfast? 

**  lessons from some of Fashion's greatest women

Oct 6, 2015

NYFW S/S 16 Recap {Part I}

Good Morning, Lovelies!  A bit behind the eight ball on these posts, but I promised them to you so that is what you are going to get!  Instead of doing a post for each designer during fashion week, (hello 1 million posts) I decided to do a few recaps of the looks I loved from designers over the span of the week.  Call me lazy or genius - I figured it was the best way for both of us to get the most out of Fashion week.  

Below are my favorites from the first few days.  I mentioned the designer and a little bit about the trend for Spring in each look for your reference.  

Rebecca Taylor - off the shoulder, ruffled/boho trends are still popular for Spring

Sachin & Babi - Florals and sheer pieces are prefect for those Spring weddings.

Tamara Mellon - African inspired prints as well as black and white are perfect mix-ups to typical pastel spring hues

Trina Turk - patterns, cut-outs and a retro vibe are on point for Spring

Marissa Webb - military, neutrals and tailored perfection are exactly what you expect from Marissa and her Spring line is just that mixed with sheer fabrics as well as a bit of romance

Tome - Classic, Black and White looks are still hot for Spring. Mix it up a bit with a dress over straight leg pants and add a belt

images via WWD

Oct 2, 2015

{friday favorites}

Long time no see!! The past few weeks have just gotten away from me!  With the Pope visiting DC last week and throwing work for a loop and then heading to Dallas last weekend to watch the Hogs (another loss, ugh), this week has been lots of catching up.  Whew!  I'm glad the weekend is finally here! As usual, some of my favorite links below.  TGIF! xo

** Not sure if it's the weather or always on the go, but I need to wake up!  May have to try a few of these tricks

** Sunday night's healthy dinner recipe - P.S. this site has some really great recipes!

**OB-sessed with this blue suede tote

** If you aren't lucky like my cousin Molly and over in Germany for Oktoberfest, here are a few stateside options to check out

** My fall wardrobe want list just got even larger with the new arrivals from Article &

** Your October horoscope - if you're into that sort of thing. . . 

** If you live near an Au Bon Pain - they are giving away a free travel tumbler when you join their eClub 
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