Oct 27, 2015

Fall Wardrobe Staples

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Well, for me anyway.  Once the temperatures start to linger in the low seventies, high sixties, my mood immediately gets better.  Boots, Scarves and Sweaters are three things I adore and will probably be buried in (along with one of my bags, of course).  I have been trying each season to purchase staples that will work season after season.  Yes, there are always those 'must-have' new or trendy items, which I sometimes do purchase (on the lower price point end, as they are usually a one season wear), but I have found that season after season there are those pieces that you can never go wrong with purchasing.  Below are my fall wardrobe staples, that I reach for more often that not.  They are great when you can't think of anything to wear, and are great pieces to complete a look on the fly.


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