Oct 23, 2015

{friday favorites} 10.23.15

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Another week down! This week was pretty calm and I took full advantage of it!  It's amazing what a little rest and down time can do for you!  I'm hoping for a more productive weekend and getting out to enjoy the weather and fall scenery.  That is one thing I have really missed - the changing of the seasons and being able to see if for yourself!  Here 's to a fabulous weekend! xo

** Thinking of getting away for the Holidays? If that isn't possible, this list of books might be your answer 

** I have a love for Cobalt and this gorgeous jacket is calling my name!  AND it's affordable! WIN WIN!

** Being a chapstick lover (addict) - I don't typically wear lipstick or gloss because I had the way most of them feel.  Might have to try a few from this list to see if I can add some spice to my lip regimen 

** Having a family member on the Autism Spectrum, this is a great stride in awareness and inclusion - Well done Sesame Street

** Adele is BACK, y'all!  You have to hear her new single

** For all you emoji-loving people out there - a new update was issued Wednesday and we now have 150 new emoji's to play with!  Including a champagne bottle, tacos, a middle finger and a unicorn!  Happy Texting!!


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