Oct 30, 2015

{friday favorites} 10.30.15

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Happy Friday, Lovelies!! And also Happy Halloween Eve!! I'm sure I am going to get a lot of Boooo's (pun intended) for this, but I am not really a 'Halloween person.'  And by that I mean, I don't get all into it and really care for it. At.All.  Maybe it's my paralyzing fear of clowns and masks, or the nasty fake wigs or people jumping out and scaring me. . . Who knows.  The only thing I actually look forward to in regards to Halloween is - Candy - and most importantly - Candy Corn.  But all that aside, it is really fun to see what crazy costumes people come up with each year.  I'm looking forward to seeing some good ones tomorrow!  In honor of this candy crazed holiday, I thought I would do a Halloween themed Friday Favorites.  Below are some Spooktacular links for you to check out! xx

** this may be a hard sell as not many people like Candy Corn - but if you are wanting a fun and different dessert to bring to a part this weekend - try these

** Erica Domesek is one pretty creative chick.  If you haven't see her video of Halloween costume Pun's you need to see it 

** Spooky cocktail recipes to make while watching Hocus Pocus for the one millionth time

** No time for a thought out costume - here are some makeup ideas that are costumes themselves 

** If you are up for a weekend full of scary movies - here are a few ideas

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