Oct 16, 2015

{friday favorites}

image via pinterest

Another week down! I'm so looking forward to a relaxing weekend here.  We aren't traveling until Christmas and I am so excited to finally have weekends at home and time to enjoy DC.  Fall is definitely here and I'm looking forward to getting out and enjoying every minute of it.  Have a fabulous weekend, lovelies! xx

** whether you like Donald Trump or not - this is a really good article on his daughter, Ivanka

** the perfect fall dress for all your holiday festivities.  Get in my closet! 

** i love the pink color if this bag.  A great way to add color to your fall neutrals

** your laugh for the day - Jimmy Fallon never disappoints. 

** it's pumpkin season - so why not try these for breakfast? 

**  lessons from some of Fashion's greatest women

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