Aug 28, 2015

{friday favorites}

Hey-oh! It's FRIDAY! This week has been a long one.  With work picking back up a bit due to all those summer vacays coming to an end (sigh) and Chip being out of town for work - I am sure glad it's over.  We have had some really pleasant weather here this week and are due for a great weekend as well! 

Our plans consist of some much needed relaxing, exploring around the city, picking up some things for the apartment and finally organizing my new desk.  We will see how much actually gets done!  

Happy Weekend to everybody :)

Below are a few things that have caught my attention this week.  Thought I would pass along.  Enjoy! 

* Crushing on these boots for fall 

* We are looking for a fun staycation for Labor Day - Who knew there was so many great      options just outside of DC

* I'm addicted to Grilled Cheese and am always looking for new recipes. This recipe from    Harry & David looks incredible and it's on the lighter side!

* Trying to get on a budget and save money - Not sure I'm prepared for this!

* Working on the little desk corner of our apartment and am loving these inspiration               ideas

* Gearing up for Football Season (eek)

* With summer winding down, I'm enjoying the last few weeks of Rose season

Aug 25, 2015


I hate to say it, but Summer is slowly coming to an end.  It feels like it was just Memorial Day! I can't believe we are just a week away from September!  I am not complaining at all.  Fall is my favorite time of year for so many reasons.  Football, fashion (I love boots, tights and sweaters), food - I could go on! But unless you live up North, it can be a confusing time as far as clothes are concerned.  There are still periods of warmth mixed with days in the cooler temps.  So it can be hard to gauge what to wear and how long you will need to keep those summer staples in your closet.  I have learned over the years that layering is your best friend.  Whether it's for the office or a weekend spent exploring a new city or your own neighborhood, transition pieces are a must!  Below are some of my favorites and some great options that are wallet friendly too!  How's that for a Tuesday pick-me-up!?

Before I get to the pieces perfect for transitioning into Fall, I wrote out a few outfits options that you probably already have in your closet that would be great to extend your summer wardrobe just a few months longer. 

Maxi Dress - Pair this with a blazer, cardigan jean or leather jacket and add a pair of booties.  You can also top the look of with a floppy hat to make it more of a boho look. 

Shorts - Slip tights under them for cooler nights. I love this look

Sleeveless Dress - I have been known to do this a few times.  Throw on a light sweater over the dress to make it look like a two piece outfit.  This is great for those cool mornings and warmer afternoons. You can take it off for drinks and dinner after work. 


Aug 20, 2015


Well, the move is over and we safely made it to DC!  Aside from reserving a truck too small and having to leave a few pieces of furniture behind (picture the Hunger Games: Furniture Edition), the move wasn't too terribly painful.  Driving a U-Haul through Manhattan was an experience and the traffic once we got to Baltimore was heinous, but we made it here and I am all moved in and getting settled.

I don't think Chip really knew how much stuff was packed into my NY apartment.  He and the movers kept saying "how did all this fit?" Well, I'm blaming genetics, my type-a personality, and my hatred for clutter and messiness. And having lived in NYC for 4 years, you start to really get crafty with organization and storage.  Which has come in very handy when trying to fit all my 'must haves' into and apartment for two.  It has all seemed to fit and with a bit of space to spare, but my fall wardrobe/must haves are a bit more than my summer staples, so we will see how things go in a month or so when it's brought here from storage!

I have wrapped up a few of my favorite Space Saving items that are perfect for those small spaces or when you have to share space with a significant other or roommates.  These little changes have been lifesavers.  Probably my best purchase to date has been my bed.  It's from Ikea and has turned out to be a lifesaver!  I linked it below as well as some other favorites I can't live without!  Click the links below to check them out!

I have had this bed since moving to NYC and it is literally like having another closet. Definitely a must-have now that space is limited in our apartment. 



Aug 6, 2015

Cha Cha Cha Changes

This is a quote that makes me think about when I decided to move away.

Sometimes the very thing we want and wish for is the very thing we end up getting.  

It's funny how life works out, isn't it?  In a matter of a few months, my life has literally turned upside down - in a good way though.  Work picked up and I have been totally immersed in learning more and more about the industry I work in and my role within the company.  I finally feel like I have my feet firmly planted on the 'work' ground so to speak.  But the most significant and exciting change that has happened this year has been a personal one.  And it's the very reason for this post.  If you follow me on instagram, you may have noticed a certain gentleman making appearances here and there.  Long story short - We are both from the same hometown, grew up 'knowing of' one another, but never really interacted or ran in the same circle, so to speak.  As luck would have it, he was up here in New York for a work meeting and reached out to grab a drink.  And, as you can see from pictures and this post - things are going really well.  

I have always been a believer in fate and if it's meant to be, it will be.  That things are out of my control and God is the one in the drivers seat.  Which as someone who is a planner and likes control, is sometimes a bit hard to come to grips with.  2015 has been a whirlwind, the best year of my life, a huge surprise and one I will truly cherish.  Things are just falling into place and it seems that another chapter in my life is coming to an end and another exciting one is about to begin. 

Next week is my last week here in New York City.  I am currently in the process of packing up my little 600 square foot abode and preparing for the move to Washington DC. I could not be happier to finally get this show on the road!  Chip and I have talked about my move for months and are so happy that it's finally here!  My boss is based in DC so I will be able to transfer offices and work from there without any issue.  I am so fortunate to be able to transition work so seamlessly.  It just makes things that much easier and exciting!

Since moving to NYC, I have had several people tell me, 'you will know when your time here is up and it's your time to leave.'  I moved here with no plan except that I would succeed here and would be here until something big or significant moved me somewhere else.  As much as I will miss this city and the dear friends I have made over the past 4 years, it really does feel like my time here is up.  I came here, did what I set out to do and more!  I have always said the best decision I have ever made was moving to New York.  I have no regrets and don't feel like I have left anything undone or unfinished.  Thankfully, it's just a train ride away and I can visit as often as I want. 

With new chapters come new adventures and I can't wait to share those with you here.  I hope you will follow along on this journey and thanks to everyone who has been so helpful and supportive through this whole thing.  Love y'all to pieces! 

Have a wonderful weekend and I'll see you next week! xo

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