Jul 1, 2016

What I'm packing for Vacation

Good Morning, Lovelies!  As I type this, I am sitting on the porch in Florida working on a few things waiting for everyone else to get up.  If you know me, you know that I am a morning person through and through.  I just love to get up and get the day started.  While everyone is still sleeping I thought I would (finally) do a blog post.  And one that is relative to the holiday weekend! 

Wednesday night, as I was sitting on the floor of my bedroom trying to figure out what to pack for our quick getaway this weekend.  I thought it would be fun to do a 'packing post, or sort of a 'how to pack efficiently' and still look fabulous! haha! The end result is, hopefully, a little helpful read on what's worked for me and how I go about planning for short trips.  Just because you are limited to a small suitcase, doesn't mean you should be limited to style and looking great!

On trips shorter than 5 days, I typically pack a carry on.  It's sort of a challenge for me as well as practical seeing as I really don't need to pack that much. Especially when at the beach.  So there I was staring into my closet hoping my suitcase would just pack itself.  And my typical solution is to wear the same dang outfits I take on EVERY vacation.  Hence one of the reasons you rarely see me post outfit pics on insta anymore (that and I am working virtually for a bit, so don't have to get 'dressed up' most days)  There is nothing wrong with wearing outfits twice, or 10 times for that matter (repeat offender here) I mean, isn't that why you buy the clothes anyway?  To wear them a lot!?  But sometimes it is nice to wear something different or style pieces differently.  

Here are a few tips I have learned over the years.  Hopefully some you will find these additions to your packing plan or helpful on your next trip!

*Pack ahead of time - This is probably the most obvious, but most people tend to wait until the very last minute and end up packing the whole house for a short trip. 

*Be Practical - Think about your trip before hand and get an idea of what you might be doing or not doing and start from there.  If you plan to be pool/beach bound most of the trip, you won't need several outfits for each day. 

*Maximize your wardrobeThis is my most loved travel tip! I absolutely LOVE when I buy a garment and I can wear it more than one way or to more than one type of occasion.  If you are limited on space, try packing things that are similar in color or that all go together. That way you can mix and match depending on each day while on vacation.  Now, I am not saying you should wear all black or all red the whole time,  but opt for tops that can go with shorts and skirts, or shoes that work with jeans and maxi dresses.  It's a lifesaver to have a dress or shoes that can be worn day into night or casual to dressy with just the addition of a jacket, cardigan or even a necklace. 

*Roll method - I am a huge proponent of rolling your clothes to pack in your suitcase.  What I mean is, you fold the garment sleeve to sleeve, or waistband to waistband, and then roll the garment from top to bottom.  (looks like a swisscake roll) You can pack so much more if you do that.  Now, one downside might be wrinkles, but most places you are going typically have an iron or steamer. So if those extra two dresses you want to bring are 'necessary' to pack, you'll deal with the wrinkles and fix it when you arrive.  In other words, pick your battles. 

We all get caught up in thinking we might go here and there and need outfits for a possible this or maybe that.  And if your vacations are usually unplanned and the roll with the flow type of trip, those can seem nerve racking.  I have been there and over the years have figured out a solution.  Pack one 'nice' outfit or a more versatile dress (maxi's are my favorite option) and then dress it up or down with either jewelry or shoes.  I typically bring one pair of shoes that are dressy causal. A pair that might be a bit flashy for day, but works, and can go into the evening seamlessly.  Wedges and gold sandals are perfect options. (see below) 

Below are a few of the items that are my typical 'go-to' beach/summer picks.  Some of these are my tried and true outfits I can wear to anything while we are at the beach.  And the great part is, they are all pretty budget friendly! Woo for that!

I like to bring my more colorful and brighter pieces to the beach where I feel I can get away with it a little bit easier.  I also prefer bandeau tops for swim since I am trying to be tan line free for my wedding. 

These wedges, although they look tall, are SUPER comfortable and go with everything.  They are great worn with jean shorts and a tank or with a long maxi dress.

These Pineapple sandals are a great everyday shoe with a little fun thrown into the mix. Perfect for a more dressed up summer beach night too. 

I love a good romper and especially one that is cropped.  This works for a casual day of shopping through town, and can also be worn with a cardigan for dinner.

This is the quintessential article of clothing that is a must have for any beach trip.  The maxi dress.  I love the color of this one and it has pockets! You can pair this with flat sandals post beach lounging or put on wedges for a night of drinks and dinner.  

This tunic is a great piece to take to the beach with you.  It's perfect with shorts, white jeans or to throw on over your swimsuit at the beach.  I love pieces like this that can be worn many ways and more than once. 


I hope you enjoyed my mini packing post.  I hope everyone has a fabulous Holiday Weekend and I'll see y'all next week! 

I'll be active on Instagram and Snapchat over the weekend, so follow me their for more vacation fun! xo 


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