Sep 14, 2016

What Bag can I carry into Football Stadiums?

It's our favorite time of year here at the Bartlett house!  We are HUGE football fans and could not be more excited for it to be here. . . finally!! We're also hockey, basketball and baseballs fans too!  But nothing gets us as excited as football season!!  

Over the past several years, with all the heightened security and rule changing, it's tough for girls like us to find a bag that is not only the required size, but is a little more fashion forward and wardrobe friendly that those awful clear tote bags.  Don't get me wrong, those clear bags are great if you have a mountain of items you want to carry in to a game.  But if you're wanting to carry just the essentials, a ziploc bag just won't do!

So, I thought I would do the heavy lifting for you and do a wrap up of bags that meet the size requirement for football stadiums across the US.  I found some at a few different price points, depending on your style and what you want out of your bag.  So check them out and maybe add one or two to your closet! ;) 

For reference, the dimensions for bags (other than clear ones) that are allowed into stadiums are to be no larger than 4.5H x 6.5L.  In case you want to jot them down for future shopping.


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