Feb 3, 2017

TGI Favorites {2.3.17}

And just like that, the weekend is here! This week seemed to move quickly for me. Not complaining one bit! Can't wait to get out and enjoy the nice weather and work on a few things coming up in the next few weeks.  xx

**My Mother-in-law gave me this phone case last summer and it's been one of my go-to's ever since. Especially down here.  I can throw it on and go without having to carry around a large bag. It's a necessary investment, y'all! 

**Am I the only one who gets hungry right as it's time for bed? This list of 'healthy eats' before bed that won't mess with our sleep may come in pretty handy for all of us late-night snackers! 

**I'm all about productivity and how to better myself with work and my side projects.  This list of productivity tasks is pretty legit and spot on.  I try to do as many of these a day as possible.  It's a work in progress some days, but trying to stay focused and on task is far less stressful than being all over the place. 

**Curious as to what your personality is or maybe your're significant other? This test can help you figure out if you truly are an extrovert.  Don't worry, it's not lengthy.  


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