Jan 2, 2013


Each New Year starts out with such promise for me. I reflect on the previous year and try to learn from my mistakes and work on bettering myself. I always want to make each new year the best one yet! I’m not sure if it was the black eyed peas I ate on New Year’s Day, or the fact that I am finally at a place where all aspects of my life are going pretty damn well, but 2012 was really really good to me! :) I have an amazing job I enjoy going to every day, I am able to support myself without living paycheck to paycheck, I’m blessed to have an amazing group of supportive friends and family, and to top it off, I have someone amazing I get to share it all with!

 So 2013, you  have a lot to live up to!

 At the start of each new year I make resolutions that I say I will keep throughout the entire year. Usually, I end up maaaaybe keeping one or two. I just tend to forget or think of excuses as to why I can’t or didn’t do them. As I was writing them out, I decided that I needed to make some that were definitely attainable, and some that would challenge me. If I came up with all challenges, I knew that I would quit or let myself down. So I decided to go find a happy medium with the things I wanted to do or achieve in 2013. And by posting them for all to see, makes me feel a little more accountable to do them. I’m going to be the optimist here and say that I am going to keep all of these! I mean, if I can move to one of the biggest cities in the world, not knowing anyone really, have no job, and then have a year like 2012, I’m pretty sure I can hold up my end of the deal when it comes to keeping these resolutions.

1. Volunteer more
2. Go to church every week
3. Blog more 
4. Call friends and family (at least) once a month 
5. Workout a minimum of twice a week
6. Read 7 books
7. Cook at home once a week
8. Tech free night once a week
9. Save $100 a month
10. Do one new thing in the city each month
11. Cut back on/out sugar
12. Send cards/letters via snail mail more often
13. Talk less, listen more 

Here’s to a fabulous and lucky 2013!


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  1. Great new years resolutions, S! I especially love the blogging more & the calling/catching up with friends. Which leads me to dinner... Are you free this week?! Call me! (and it sounds like I just awkwardly asked you on a date... which I kind of did.)
    Miss you!

  2. You are definitely in the right mindset for resolutions :). They are excellent! Good luck with all of them, Sarah.
    I nominated for you for a Liebster Award because I like your blog so much! The details are on my blog at http://astyleofyourown.blogspot.com/2013/01/liebster-award.html



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