Mar 7, 2014

Oscar Favorites

Happy, Happy Friday, Lovelies!! Even though it was a short week for me, it still was a long one and I am glad its over!.  

Little tardy on my Oscar Red Carpet Favorites.  But, better late than never, right?! Last weekend I was in Kentucky visiting my extended family.  I don't get to see them that often, so it was nice for us all to be together for a long weekend.  Sunday night we all piled into my aunt's den with our ballots ready (I did horrible, by the way), and watched the Oscars.  The Red Carpet is ALWAYS my favorite part (duh!).  And there were some major standouts for me.

Chrissy Teigen 

Jennifer Garner

Jessica Biel

Kate Hudson

Lupita Nyong'o

Kristen Bell

The Men

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Kevin Spacey

Matthew McConaughey

Michael B. Jordan

Chris Hemsworth

Jared Leto 

Mar 6, 2014

40 Days . . .

Yesterday marked the start of Lent.  I always look forward to lent, as it’s a time for me to reflect and make changes to better your relationship with God and yourself.  Every year I usually give up something and also add something for the 40 days.  This year, instead of the usual food choices I 'give up", I chose to do something that was a bit more challenging, a sort of cleanse, if you will.  I am giving up Social Media – yes, all of it.  No Facebook, twitter, bloglovin, instagram, pinterest, or tumblr for this girl until Easter.  I have realized over the past few months that I am seriously addicted to these networks and find myself refreshing obsessively to see what new pictures or posts are there. 

Being able to step back and remove those for a time, I hope, will allow me to focus on more important and time worthy things like relationships or just having time to myself to read.  And also how to balance this with social media outlets once I ease them back into my routine.  Being a blogger, these platforms are a huge part to getting my content and daily postings out there, so this will be really challenging as far as this blog goes. 

I don’t look at SBV as ‘social media’ – just a place for me to journal; so I feel I can still post and blabber on about fashion during the next several weeks.  The only drawback is not being able to promote or get them out into the fashion world via my usual outlets and not being able to read anyone else’s posts and comment (which is the first thing I do each morning) 

When I first started this blog, there was only twitter and Facebook to get content out there, and I didn’t really post things on either of them.  I just blogged about what I wanted to and that was that.  So I am sort of taking a step back and just focusing on writing.  Sometimes, for me, having too many channels can be overwhelming and defeat the purpose of what I am trying to do.  I focus on just getting something out there, rather than putting out good content.  I am going with the less is more outlook to see if that really is true or can work for me.  Honing in on one platform and writing good content is my goal.  Getting back to my roots will hopefully make me a better writer and give me the ability to then use other social media outlets as needed, to get my posts out there.   

I know Easter morning I will probably wake up extra early to catch up (or try to) on all the things I missed.  But for the next 40 days, I’m going to keep things simple and focus on relationships, writing more often and thoughtfully, and stop trying to keep up with the Joneses. 

Am I completely crazy? Can I really stay off these for 40 days? Only way to know is to follow along here over the next several weeks! 

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