Jul 29, 2011

He's a Maniac!

I have fallen head over heels (pun intended) for Brian Atwood's Maniac Platform Heel. They have been worn by just about every A-Lister in Hollywood! They are absolutely gorgeous and I want a pair in every color! These are definitely an investment buy, with prices ranging from $550 to about $800 depending on the material. But a girl can still dream, right? I am well aware that these are probably never going to end up in my closet, but they definitely brightened up morning! Check out some of my favorites!

My love for Rose Gold has now turned to shoes

These are the perfect pair to wear with everything

Love this bright orange


This color is going to be popular for fall

For those of us who are on a more limited budget these days, I found a similar shoe at Aldo that is more affordable and looks just like the Maniac.

Bremseth Platform Pump

Have a Fabulous Weekend, Lovelies! XOXO

Jul 28, 2011

I've got the Blues

No, I am not sad (well maybe a touch considering the job hunt for NYC is not moving as fast as I would like it to), but the blues I am referring to is my LOVE for Cobalt Blue! You are going to see this color a lot this fall, so you might want to put this on your fall shopping list ASAP! I have always been attracted to rich, bright hues, and this one has taken over that fascination. It's gorgeous and looks great on anyone. Being a brunette with an olive skin tone, there are a lot of colors that are hard for me to wear. But not this one, thankfully. I have already picked up several items in this color to wear for fall. I posted one of them a few posts back. It's a blue blazer from Zara that I cannot get enough of, and can't wait to wear. Here are some other lovelies I am planning on adding to my closet for fall.

Aldo "Hoots" Bootie

Darlington satchel
J.Crew Darlington Satchel in Bright Indigo

Jersey Snood in Cobalt

Happy Thursday! XOXO

Jul 27, 2011

Are you coming to my "Arm Party" ???

This term has been thrown around for a while now, and I love it!! If you haven't heard of it before, take note. An Arm Party is stacking a bunch of bracelets and bangles together on your wrist for a fun, unique look. I like to add my watch into the mix too. This trend is one I am loving because I am a pile it on accessories kind of girl, and the more you pile on your arm, the better! Check out the images below of different kinds of arm parties, and get some ideas for your own!

via man repeller

via baublebar

via the glamourai

via streetfsn.com

My own arm party today

This is such a fun trend, Ladies!! There are no rules or ways to do it. Just pile on a bunch your favorite bracelets and you're set!! 

Have a Fabulous Wednesday!! XOXO

Jul 25, 2011

Best Fall Foot Forward

Over the weekend I did a little closet reorganization and have come to the harsh realization that my Fall wardrobe is far better and than my summer. Which only reiterated that I love fall fashion more than anything. While I was reorganizing I realized that although I have a fairly nice Fall wardrobe, my shoe selection for Fall is pitiful! I have shoes that I have worn for years, shoes that look like I have taken a serrated knife to the heels, and shoes that the cobbler has put more new soles and heels on than I care to count. So, guess what just jumped to the top of the purchase list for Fall? Yep, Shoes!!! Booties, boots, wedges, oxfords, you name it, it's going on the list. While perusing Piperlime.com this weekend, I found some that I think will be great additions to my closet. What do you think?

The Menswear trend is going to be in this Fall, so here are some great choices for Fall.  I also think some of these styles are classic and will be around for a while. So if the price tag is a little up there, just think about how much you will wear them. If you are going to wear them just about everyday, then the price may be worth it.

Animal prints are still going to be in for fall. If you are someone who has to wear black, grey, or brown to work most days, wearing shoes that are a print or pattern makes the outfit more your own. They will definitely add some color to your monochromatic wardrobe. 

My FAVE!!! 


I am in need of some updated lower style boots. The "shootie" is another great trend and a popular one for Fall.  It sits a little lower on your ankle than other styles. I love these with skirts, leggings, and skinny jeans. They accentuate your legs and make any outfit complete. You can also wear these with your trouser pants/jeans as well. 

The "hiking" boot is also coming back this Fall. I did not try this last season, and I am not sure if I will this season. I think they are really cute, I just have to prioritize my wants, and sadly this falls to other more necessary styles. But if you are looking for a fun, funky, new boot for fall, this style would be a one to try.

If you all remember this post I did back in January, you will remember my indecisiveness on purchasing combat style boots. Well, they are on sale at Aldo, but in limited sizes, and not in mine! I have decided I am purchasing this style for fall. I think it will be fun to add them to more classic, romantic styles. Mixing styles together is really fun, and a creative way to expand your wardrobe. 

Hopefully with all these choices, I can find a few pairs to add to my closet. Now, I just need to narrow down which ones to purchase. This is going to be tough!

Jul 22, 2011

Best way to end my trip: Alexander McQueen Exhibit

"It’s a new era in fashion - there are no rules. It’s all about the individual and personal style, wearing high-end, low-end, classic labels, and up-and-coming designers all together."
— Alexander McQueen

The last day my mother and I were in New York, we went to the Met to see the Alexander McQueen "Savage Beauty" Exhibit. It is one of the most haunting, beautiful, and creative collections of fashion I have ever seen. He was such an amazing designer and put so much passion and love into each garment he designed. Some of his designs are really dark and come from a place that you feel is really disturbing. Then you look in the next room and see designs that are feminine and have a romantic aspect to them. I was definitely in awe of his collection, and in some ways inspired by it as well. He lived his life through his designs and you could feel that while looking at all of them. I was engrossed in every piece as I read what it was from, what it was made out of, and his idea behind the creation. It is always interesting to hear what the designer was thinking or feeling at the time of creating their clothes.  I always envision my idea of what they might have been thinking, but it is really telling to hear the actual story of how things came to be. 

Alexander McQueen was one of the most influential and imaginative designers of his time. He challenged the norm, and taught people to think outside the box. Below are some of my favorites from the exhibit. There were so many garments that it would be the longest post in history if I tried to get them all on here.  We were not allowed to take pictures, so I had to rely on my fashion/internet resources to give you an idea of what we saw that day. 

I did buy the coffee table book and a set of postcards. I am going to matte the postcards in frames and hang in my bedroom. I think it's great way to remind me of why I started this blog and continue to do it. Fashion is one of the most influential industries of our time. It can cause so many emotions and so much can be expressed and portrayed through clothes. It's inspiring to me and I feel that it will always be something I have a passion and love for. 

If you are in New York, I highly recommend going to see this exhibit. It will be at the Met until August 7th. Even if you aren't an avid fashion lover, you will come away with a totally different perspective on him, life and fashion in general. 



images via huffington post, google, and washington post
Have a great weekend!! I have a few fun things going on this weekend, and am excited to just relax and catch up on my long list of to-do's! 

See you all Monday!! XOXO

Jul 21, 2011

"Of course I bought a bag"

For those of you that know me, you are aware that I have a slight handbag addiction. And it's usually not the cheap kind. I have a folder on my computer called "Bag Porn." Seriously! It's all the bags I am currently lusting over. I could easily buy a handbag a month! But seeing as how my bank account says otherwise, I have to really think through my purchases and not buy on impulse. Well, I didn't totally take my advice while I was in New York. I have been looking for a satchel style bag for months, and the only ones I find that I love are out of my price range at this point in time. So I am slowly saving up so I can eventually buy one. I also have been looking for a grey tote. One that I could use everyday that can stand my beatings, go with just about everything, can hold all the "necessities" I need on a daily basis, and travel/wear well. And I found her. I give you the newest addition to my handbag collection. . . . .

The Longchamp Foldable Tote Bag in Graphite. It is made out of water resistant material both inside and out. So it is really easy to clean! It is perfect for everyday use as a handbag, or a work bag. I love the Graphite color too. It will go with everything!! I had a hard time deciding between the pumpkin, grape and graphite. All colors popular for the Fall. But I decided to go with the neutral one. Imagine that! If you are in need of a chic, holds everything type of bag, this is your bag! And they are pretty reasonably priced. There are several different sizes. I went with the large. Here are the mini and small sizes for you to look at too.  

Longchamp Le Pliage Nylon Tote in Deep Red

Hope your Thursday is a great one! XOXO

Jul 20, 2011

H&M Finds

Saturday morning my mom and I got up and went to brunch at Balthazar. We were planning on spending most of the day in Soho, so we decided to have breakfast in that part of the city. The food was wonderful and I definitely recommend giving it a try. I have heard their dinner menu is fabulous too. After brunch, we headed to Broadway to check out some stores and do a little shopping. The H&M store in Soho is smaller than the one on 5th, but it still had some great finds. I ended up getting a few things there.We headed to Zara, and I was really disappointed with how most of the things I tried on fit me. Well, how they didn't fit me. I seem to have that problem more and more with clothes. But, that's was a great tailor is for! I got some great tee's and tanks for layering, but that was about it. After lunch we headed to 5th ave. to check out the H&M store there. It's three stories of fashion fabulousness! And the sad part is we were a little rushed for time, since we were meeting my cousin and aunt for dinner, so I only was able to check out what was on the first floor. But don't worry, I found lots of goodies. Most everything I bought I can wear now and in the fall/winter. I tried to find pieces that would transition into all seasons, and I feel like I did a really good job of that. Below are just a few of the things I purchased at H&M. They are definitely some favorites.

I love the richness of this orange skirt! 

Much needed skirt update for my wardrobe

I am loving the Native American inspiration happening right now. I picked up the feather dream catcher earrings, the red feather earrings, and the suede tassel earrings. I also found a great poncho, but didn't take a picture of that. I am sure you will see it on me a lot this fall! 

I got this tank dress in a butterfly print too. It is great for hot days like have been experiencing lately, but will be a nice pop of color for the dreary days this winter.

Bat-wing Top
So obsessed with this shirt, I bought it in 3 colors! LOVE! 

Navy Midi Skirt
I love black, but navy is a great change for me. And I like the length. It's a more feminine updated look of the maxi skirt. 

High-Waist tie shorts
I am really picky about shorts. I have no waist, and mostly legs (not totally complaining), so most shorts I try on are way too short for my liking. These fit perfectly. Sadly, they were out of my size in the other 2 colors. These will be great in the fall too, with tights and a chunky sweater. 

I don't know about you all, but I am really starting to get excited for Fall/Winter. It's my favorite time of the year, and my favorite wardrobe for sure. I know we are in the middle of a ridiculous heat wave, but I can't help but want cooler days to get here already. 

Have a Fabulous Wednesday!! XOXO
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