Jan 28, 2011

Designer: Elie Saab

I know today is Friday and I usually do my style icon of the week, but I was looking through Elie Saab's runway collections for Spring 2011 and had to show you some of my favorites! They are gorgeous! I love the colors, fabrics and all the details he uses in his dresses and gowns. There is just something so romantic and feminine about them that it literally takes my breath away (cheesy I know).  Check out the looks below and see for yourself.  I know I am not alone in my admiration for these amazing dresses.   Some of these are from his Spring 2011 RTW collection and you may have seen before, but I wanted to show them off again, because they are gorgeous.


How gorgeous are these???

images from Zimbio, Elle, style.com, and flikr

Jan 27, 2011

She wears . . . . Combat boots?

Some of you will be shocked to see this post today. I think everyone who knows me knows that I am not really a rough around the edges, get your hands dirty, boyish-type girl.  But I am stepping out of that box today and letting you all know that I have become a HUGE fan of combat/military type boots.  I have seen combat boots everywhere for almost a year now, but for me, it's brought back so many memories (nightmares) of wearing my Dr. (Doc) Martins.  I think I just couldn't get past that image, and that's what was keeping me from seeing how fun, funky, and edgy boots were. I can picture myself wearing them with tights and a dress, skinnies and a chunky sweater, or even a maxi skirt. I haven't found a lot of styles that I just love, but I have found one in particular that I am keeping my eye on.  And I am hoping that maybe they'll be mine very soon.  What do you think about this trend? Too much?

Some celebs rocking combat boots.

Ashley Tisdale Ashley Tisdale, seen in a gray Urban Outfitters blazer and sporting black combat boots, heads back to her car after grabbing a coffee. Tisdale was seen out and about with her boyfriend, Scott Speer, on Sunday shopping at a local Trader Joe's. And just yesterday, Tisdale had a visit from BFF, Vanessa Hudgens, at her home in Toluca Lake.

The pair I have my eye on

ALDO - Lash Boot

Jan 26, 2011

To the Max

I am the first to admit that when warmer temperatures arrive, I wear a maxi dress 4 out of 7 days.  I love them! So why am I having a hard time envisioning myself in a maxi skirt? Or being able to put together an outfit that makes me look chic, not homely? So far, I haven't come across many outfits I haven't liked that have involved maxi skirts.  For the past few days, I have spent some time in my closet and tried to come up with outfits that work for the season and for me.  And I have to say, I am feeling a little better about this one.  Hopefully I'll give it a try in the near future.  I've realized that it isn't just a summer trend, maxi skirts can be worn in colder weather too. Take a look at the lovely options below. I think I see myself wearing Olivia Palermo's outfit more than the others.  It just seems more my style. And that green skirt, it's gorgeous! But I am not opposed to trying some of the others styles as well. 


images from glamour.com, free people, daveydarling, dafashionista

Jan 25, 2011

Blushing over these shoes

This little lovely from Piperlime popped up in my inbox this morning and I can't stop staring at it!! I want each and every pair of these shoes! This color is perfect for spring and it makes me wish we were getting closer to warmer weather.  But I know good and well that we are several months away from that. But in the meantime, I can obsess over these until it gets warmer. 

Here are some outfit options for blush heels or booties.

Blush Shoes

Blush Shoes by sarahkvick featuring v neck dresses

These are great options to wear with blush tone shoes. You can even wear them with a black or brown dress too. This will give the appearance of longer legs, and also make you look taller.

Jan 24, 2011

Over the knee . . . Over the top?

I'm sure I speak for many women when I say what when I think of over the knee socks, the two images that come to my mind are:

image from buzzsugar.com
The Movie Clueless

image from NY daily news
Britney Spears "Baby. . .one more time" video

I was a little nervous about trying this trend out at first, being that I am getting close to 30 and didn't want to come off as trying to look way younger than my age.  But after seeing lots of runways covered with over the knee socks, I decided I would give it a try.  I experimented with this trend a couple weeks ago, and I must say that it is growing on me.  I think the trick to not looking too school girlish or choppy is to wear them higher up on your leg and to pair them with the same color shoe, or at least a very similar color. If this trend is still a little out there for you, another option is to wear tights and then put on over the knee socks over them. If you aren't sure about wearing them with booties or heels, try wearing them with tall boots. Both of these options still give you the look, but it's a little more subtle. Below are some examples of how this trend can be worn. I'm excited to try it out again. 

A model walks the runway at the Proenza Schouler Fall 2010 Fashion Show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Milk Studios on February 17, 2010 in New York City.
image from zimbio

image from 2threads
image from refinery

image from life

image from bell vogue

image from Pop Sugar
I'm sure we all remember this outfit. Sarah Jessica Parker is such a style icon. She can pull anything off, but for me, it's a few more steps outside of my comfort zone than I am willing to go right now.

Jan 21, 2011

Friday's Style

Reese Witherspoon

I really don't need to say much about this gorgeous lady, because I am sure you all know why she is my pick for this weeks style post.  She always looks amazing no matter where she goes.  She is also a great example of a woman who can have this glamorous hollywood life and still take time and be a mom.  And not just sometimes, but a fully 100% devoted mother.  And I really admire that about her.  Not to mention, there hasn't been a movie she has been in that I haven't liked. Hubby took me to see her latest movie "How do you know" with Owen Wilson and Paul Rudd and I thought it was good.  Maybe more of a renter than a go to the theater type movie, but still ,you can't help but love her and the characters she plays.   

image from google images

image from Zimbio.com

image from glamour.com

image from people.com

Water For Elephants actress Reese Witherspoon, easily maneuvers the heavy heat and practically glows, in her perfectly put together green belted t-shirt dress, fedora and gold sandals in Los Angeles, Ca on August 23, 2010.  Fame Pictures, Inc
image from Zimbio.com

 Reese Witherspoon Actress Reese Witherspoon and a friend spotted out and about in Beverly Hills, CA. Reese walks by a homeless man in a wheel chair but refuses to give him any change.
image from Zimbio.com

My favorite Reese Witherspoon movies:

1. Legally Blonde
2. Sweet Home Alabama
3. Four Christmases
4. Walk the Line
5. Just Like Heaven

Have a great weekend! XX


Jan 20, 2011

Add some flare to your life. . . .

Today's post is all about the wide leg "flare" jeans.  For me, wide leg jeans have still been a staple in my wardrobe since the last time they were all over the fashion world.  Don't get me wrong, I wear my skinnies about 85% of the time, but I still like wearing my flare legged jeans every once in a while! That's the great thing about fashion, it's constantly changing, and it's nice to keep things fresh.  So I was really excited to see that the wide legged jean is in lots of ads, magazines, and stores for spring! There is just something feminine and stylish about these jeans. I love pairing them with structured shirts, blazers and loose tops. There are so may looks you can achieve with these jeans.  I would love to wear them with these babies or even these!
Check out some of the outfits I created below to get an idea of the looks you can wear with your wider legged jeans.  These are just a few ideas, there are so many more, just get creative and try things on to see what you come up with.

Jaloux Printed Tank
$84 - piperlime.gap.com
Jaloux tops »

Aryn K. Sequin Cardigan
$75 - piperlime.gap.com
Aryn K. cardigans »

Greylin Blazer
$114 - piperlime.gap.com
Blazers »

Jimi Flare-Leg Jeans
$147 - saksfifthavenue.com
Light wash jeans »

J Brand Lovestory Flare Jeans
$178 - piperlime.gap.com
Bootcut denim jeans »

Clog Sandal
$347 - bergdorfgoodman.com
Platform clogs »

$110 - aldoshoes.com
Leather wedge shoes »

$70 - aldoshoes.com
High heels shoes »

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