Feb 18, 2014


There was just a liiiittle bit of sunshine in NYC this weekend and it was such a tease as I woke up to snow (again) this morning.  I haven't worn sunglasses in almost 4 months! I'm sure when the sun does finally come out for good, i'll have a vampire-like reaction and my skin will start to disintegrate its so pale! I have been looking for a new pair (style) of sunnies for a while now. I have never owned a pair or Ray-Bans and have always liked the aviator (Hello Top Gun) style, but always felt like they were too big for my face.  That was before I stumbled upon this new style/version.  I am obsessed with the reflective lenses and the different color options.  This is sort of a step out of my comfort zone, but summer is when you can get crazy with styles, color, etc.  So why not seize the opportunity, right? Picking a color is going to be one tough decision!  Which are your favorite?

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