Dec 18, 2014

Bendel's - Holiday Gift List

If you didn't know what Henri Bendel's was before 2007, you quickly were made aware thanks to a little show called Gossip Girl.  It's one of the places Serena Van Der Woodson frequented more often than I do the grocery store (and that's A LOT) 

Growing up and visiting New York, Bendel's was one of the places I was always enamored by.  Just the outside facade of the flagship store is enough to make you want to take a peek inside.  Once you are in, it is a wonderland for girls and women alike.  Bags, Jewelry, Cosmetics, Gifts, Perfumes and more fill these walls and invite visitors to enjoy a very pleasant shopping experience.  Not only have I found countless things for myself (duh), but there are so many great options for gifts that it's the perfect go-to for anyone on your list.  

There aren't too many shopping days left, so I've made it a bit easier and found some great last minute gift options you can get online or in the store.  There is something for just about every girl on your list!  I mean how easy is that? One stop and you are done!


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