Sep 22, 2014

Gemvara - New Fall Collections

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to have lunch with the fabulous ladies at Gemvara.  You all have seen some previous posts about how much I just adore these ladies and this brand.  Being able to customize fine jewelry is a girls dream come true! This fall they have launched two new collections and they are just as amazing as what we've come to expect from Gemvara.  The first collection, available now is the Linear Collection.  The thought behind this gorgeous collection was;

"Clean lines and the minimalist aesthetic of the Linear Collection offers a fresh perspective in fine jewelry," says Gemvara Design Director Julie Lamb. "All of the pieces are so casual and lightweight that they easily mix in with your current favorites and are just begging to be stacked and multiplied. Think of these pieces as a reinvention of your basic diamond stud and solitaire pendant, the go to favorites that complete your look, the pieces you never take off."

I absolutely adore this collection.  It is so soft and dainty and can be worn as everyday pieces and you can mix into what you already own.  They are great layering pieces as well.  A few of my favorite pieces are below. 

The second collection they are launching is the D'Orsay Collection.  It's got a new stone style that you will just adore!

"It began with the stone, as it so often does for me," said Gemvara Design Director Julie Lamb. "I went to Tucson this year looking for a stone cut that Gemvara could call our Signature. I was inspired by the buff top cut which is classic although not widely known. It is the best of both worlds with its smooth modern cabochon top and multifaceted pavilion, radiating a subtle light from within. We developed this setting style to best exhibit the buff tops. I wanted the overall artistry to be architectural with curves, and to be strong yet feminine."

I am a huge fan of cocktail rings and fun bright jewelry and this collection is both of those.  But can also be classic and elegant.  That's the great thing about Gemvara! You can design exactly what you want and for whatever occasion you need something for.  I fell in love with just about every piece of this collection.  But their signature round pave ring with the Rhodolite Garnet was my absolute favorite.  Below are a few pictures of the pieces I tried on and got to see.  

With the holidays just around the corner, either of these collections would be great gift ideas for just about every lady on your list.  What girl doesn't want jewelry? And what girl wouldn't love a customized piece? 

images from gemvara and saved by fashion

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