Jul 25, 2013

Put a Name on It

Since I can remember, having your name on literally everything you owned is just a way of life.  Growing up in the south Monograms were a normalcy. After moving up north, I realized that my obsession with my name and initials on all things possible was not widely shared.  Don’t get me wrong, ladies here love monograms, just not in the way us southern gals do.  Enter C. Wonder’s new online monogram shop.  This is a total game changer. Those who don't have a store close to them, can partake in the fun too! Putting your initial on all things chic has never been so fun! Everything from Jeans (yep, you read that right), cosmetic bags, pillows, clutches, hats, to sweaters; there are endless possibilities for monograms.  Not only can you get names and initials, you can also get their popular critter icons too! I mean, where does the excitement end!?

As if I don’t already have enough, there are plenty of things here I just have to add to my collection.  Take my word for it, and what a great way to let everyone know that gorgeous clutch is YOURS!

Hurry! From now until August 8th you can get FREE monogramming on your order!

image from C.Wonder


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  1. I love this!!!! Totally checking it out.



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