Mar 2, 2011

Closet Confidential

My husband and I met one of my best friends and her husband last night for dinner.  They are in the process of looking to build a house and asked B to give them some ideas and information about what all they need to begin the process of building their dream home. So that is how this post came about. It got me thinking about building our home someday and most importantly, the building and design of my closet.  To me, that is the one thing I am most excited about designing. It is where I will probably spend most of my time, and I want it to be a safe heaven if you will, for all my beloved clothes,shoes and accessories, but also still serve as inspiration.  I want a desk so I can sit and "work" and get inspired to create different outfits and styles. It will be girly and feminine and a place that's 100% me.  I am a bit OCD when it comes to my closet. I arrange my clothes by style, then by color.  The shirts start with tanks and go to jackets.  I hate spending all my time standing in the middle of my closet trying to find something to wear. I usually pick my outfits the night before (total high schooler, I know) because it saves me a good 30 minutes in the mornings. Plus, you usually have more time in the evenings to get more creative and utilize more of your wardrobe. I cannot wait to see what design my friends pick out, and what the end result looks like. They are pretty fabulous, so I know their house will be nothing less.

Here are a few pictures I have come across that I have saved in my "closet inspiration" folder.

A girl can dream, right? This is the closet Carrie almost had from the first Sex and the City movie. 

I love the desk looking out the window.  I definately want natural light coming into the closet. It just makes everything look better.  I also love the built-ins here.  One for dresses, jeans, jackets, etc. . Each style or item has its own section. 

A great way to store and display your shoes.  I love this. It allows you to see all your shoes, therefore wearing them more often.  

This is what I am talking about as far as clothes organization goes.  Everything is color coordinated, and easy to find. This is perfection!

I definately want an island for all my accessories, and for laying out outfit ideas.

I thought this as a cute and fashionable idea. Have some of your favorite or more stylish shopping bags framed and hang them on the wall. 

Love the freshness and clean lines this closet has. And the island has glass openings, so you can preserve your most treasured accessories, but can still see them.

I want a extremely large mirror like this one.

No closet is complete with out a gorgeous chandelier

Light Leopard Runner, 2'6 x 8
No carpet in the closet, hardwood all the way! I want a fun rug like this one.

Love this desk inside the closet. This is my idea of fashion inspiration.

Tamara Mellon's closet - I just want her shoe collection!!

 Honey, if you are reading this, please take note of all the criteria for my future closet. I promise it will make both of our lives so much happier!  XOXO

What are your closet dreams or inspiration? Am I leaving something monumental out?

All images are from elle decor, tumblr, or pinterest.



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