Jan 20, 2017

T G I Favorites

Hello! And Happy Friday! Another week in the books!  Although it was a short week, it was still jammed packed with things to do.  I swear I never seem to be able to catch up. . . on anything.  I am looking forward to this weekend.  We are supposed to have some rain, so that may keep me inside and able to get some things done. (fingers crossed) Regardless, I have lots of posts to prepare for and fun things ahead, so rain or shine, I will be enjoying it either way.  

As I work to get back to blogging regularly and build up my network, I am constantly thinking of new things to talk about, different ideas for posts and just what I might want to read from someones point of view.  I am always pinning, bookmarking and dogearing articles or pieces that I want to come back to or that are important or resonate with me.  

And in doing so, I thought, I may not be the only one who might find these things useful, entertaining, covet worthy or necessary.  So with that came the idea of a weekly blog post to round up, if you will, all those fun little pieces I come across and want to revisit/share.  

Below are some of my tags from this week.  Anything you guys came across that I missed and should check out? 

Have a wonderful weekend! 

**Love my slow cooker - these are great ideas for weekly meals.  There is minimal prep and you come home to a cooked meal! E-A-S-Y!

**Want to pick up a new hobby this year? Why not try knitting? You can make a scarf to use during these cold months! There is just something so satisfying about making your own clothes!

**Easy Yoga moves to do when you need to power through the work day.  

**With all the warm weather we are having, I'm starting to look for spring/summer pieces to add to my wardrobe.  I picked up this swimsuit yesterday. LOVE the color and fit and the price is great! I also grabbed this style too and its under $60!

**Is getting organized on your list of goals for 2017?  Here's a great article to help get you started. 

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