Jul 20, 2011

H&M Finds

Saturday morning my mom and I got up and went to brunch at Balthazar. We were planning on spending most of the day in Soho, so we decided to have breakfast in that part of the city. The food was wonderful and I definitely recommend giving it a try. I have heard their dinner menu is fabulous too. After brunch, we headed to Broadway to check out some stores and do a little shopping. The H&M store in Soho is smaller than the one on 5th, but it still had some great finds. I ended up getting a few things there.We headed to Zara, and I was really disappointed with how most of the things I tried on fit me. Well, how they didn't fit me. I seem to have that problem more and more with clothes. But, that's was a great tailor is for! I got some great tee's and tanks for layering, but that was about it. After lunch we headed to 5th ave. to check out the H&M store there. It's three stories of fashion fabulousness! And the sad part is we were a little rushed for time, since we were meeting my cousin and aunt for dinner, so I only was able to check out what was on the first floor. But don't worry, I found lots of goodies. Most everything I bought I can wear now and in the fall/winter. I tried to find pieces that would transition into all seasons, and I feel like I did a really good job of that. Below are just a few of the things I purchased at H&M. They are definitely some favorites.

I love the richness of this orange skirt! 

Much needed skirt update for my wardrobe

I am loving the Native American inspiration happening right now. I picked up the feather dream catcher earrings, the red feather earrings, and the suede tassel earrings. I also found a great poncho, but didn't take a picture of that. I am sure you will see it on me a lot this fall! 

I got this tank dress in a butterfly print too. It is great for hot days like have been experiencing lately, but will be a nice pop of color for the dreary days this winter.

Bat-wing Top
So obsessed with this shirt, I bought it in 3 colors! LOVE! 

Navy Midi Skirt
I love black, but navy is a great change for me. And I like the length. It's a more feminine updated look of the maxi skirt. 

High-Waist tie shorts
I am really picky about shorts. I have no waist, and mostly legs (not totally complaining), so most shorts I try on are way too short for my liking. These fit perfectly. Sadly, they were out of my size in the other 2 colors. These will be great in the fall too, with tights and a chunky sweater. 

I don't know about you all, but I am really starting to get excited for Fall/Winter. It's my favorite time of the year, and my favorite wardrobe for sure. I know we are in the middle of a ridiculous heat wave, but I can't help but want cooler days to get here already. 

Have a Fabulous Wednesday!! XOXO

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