Dec 16, 2010

12 Days of Fashion . . . Day 4

Bling Rings

No, I am not talking about the group of kids that were robbing celebrities houses last year. I'm talking about those fabulous little sparklers you have seen on just about every hand of every woman this season.  And, it's safe to say that I am slightly obsessed with them! They aren't just for cocktail parties or formal events anymore! These can be worn everyday with just about every type of outfit! (and I have seen them on women wearing sweats.) So check out some of my favorites below. Not all of them have bling, but they are still great options for adding a little flare to your wardrobe.

New Debutante Baguette Ring gallery 0
Debutante Baguette Ring

 Jet Big-Stone Ring

Long Knuckle Ring


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