Jan 12, 2011

Wednesday Blues

I have been out sick this week. BLAH! And still not feeling that much better. I am wishing the days away until 5:00 pm Friday. Yes, I am being a pessimist this week, because I don't feel good, my house is a wreck, the North Pole has suddenly moved to NWA, and I am sure I could find a few more things to complain about. But I digress. I have to admit, I do love colder weather, winter clothes, and snow. I just don't like bitter cold temperatures, or having to get out in them! I would much rather be on my couch, curled up by the fireplace watching HGTV and scouring the Internet for fabulous fashion finds all day!  Maybe someday, but in the meantime I have found a few winter "blue" lovelies that I think would be great for this type of weather. I read yesterday that it was snowing in 49 states including Hawaii, so I know many of you are in the same predicament I am in. Stay warm and fashionable ladies! XO

A Cozy Sweater Kinda Day
$70 - modcloth.com
Oversized tops »

How Sweet It Is Coat
$235 - modcloth.com
A line coat »

Madeline Wool Cape
$130 - shopnastygal.com
Cape coats »

Long Leg Warmer
$16 - americanapparel.net
Slouch socks »

Original Hunter Navy Wellies
60 GBP - coggles.com
Rubber shoes »

Pleated Suede Glove
$118 - coach.com
Coach gloves »



  1. Love the color of the Asos pea coat - perfection!

  2. omg - that cape!!! i need it (and it really isn't so badly priced...)


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