Sep 16, 2011

Kanon Bar at Milk Studios

In between shows last Saturday, I headed to the 8th floor of Milk Studios to check out the Kanon Bar, curated by Apotheke. If you haven't heard of Kanon Vodka before, let me tell you a little about it. Kanon Vodka is made of 100% locally grown (swedish farmers) organic wheat. It is made with only natural ingredients, and it only $26 a bottle! They pride themselves on being eco-freindly and getting back to the "old way" of making alcohol with pesticide-free practices. Ok, so now that you have a little background on the company, let's talk about the event and a HUGE run-in, that I still cannot stop thinking about! Once in the lounge, I went straight to the bar and was greeted by one of the handsome Apotheke mixologists, who politely asked me to "pick me poison." Oh, that could be dangerous, but I obliged and started with a Downtown Silhouette. This was one of the 5 designer inspired Kanon Vodka cocktails. It was inspired buy inspired by Cushnie et Ochs S/S 2012 collection, and along with vodka had blackberries, agave nectar, and champagne among other things. It was a little on the heavier side for me, but I did enjoy the mix of champagne and blackberries. While chatting with a few of the other guest, and resting my tired feet from waling in my fabulous heels all day, I noticed that my phone was about to die on me, so I scoured the room until I found the last lone outlet and jumped at the chance to give my phone some much needed juice. While patiently waiting for my phone to charge, someone came up to me asking to use my phone charger. Now, me being the type that cannot survive without my phone, I was about to say no, that I desperately need to charge this baby a little longer. But when I looked up and realized that it was none other than the amazing and fabulous Bryan Boy, I disconnected my phone and handed him my charger faster than you could say stiletto! I have been a HUGE fan of his for a while now, and was really glad I was able to spend a good 45 minutes chatting with him about everything from boys, fashion, travel, blogs, to the reason we were there; the craze that is fashion week. He was sweet enough to get us another round of drinks, and this time we tried the Dew Drop, which was inspired by Erin Fetherson’s S/S 2012 collection. It was light, refreshing, and honestly went down a "little" too easily. This concoction contained aloe vera juice, honeydew/tarragon puré, agave nectar, and a little smoked paprika which I thought was the perfect touch. After out cocktails we parted ways, and headed to our next show. There were a few other Kanon Vodka cocktail options. The Laural Canyon, inspired by Billy Reid’s S/S 2012 collection, contained iced tea, lemocello, and cucumber. The Red Savage, inspired by Katie Gallagher's S/S 2012 collection had snow pea, garbanzo bean, chayote bean and beet purée, shaved ginger, and a salted rim. Lastly, was the Lust in the Dust, inspired by Jeremy Scott's S/S 2012 collection. This baby had celery, lime, pear, and carrot juice, topped off with three cherries. Although they all sounded delicious, it seemed that the crowd favorite was the Dew Drop. If you ever have the chance to try Kanon, give it a shot! It's a new wave of alcohol that I think is just on the cusp of something big!  I thoroughly enjoyed getting to meet Bryan and the Mixologists who did a fabulous job creating these one of a kind drinks. Cheers to a great evening!

The Digital Bar @ Milk Studios

The "scene" inside the lounge. Five minutes after I took this picture, it was so packed you couldn't move.

The menu with descriptions of each specialty drink

The Downtown Silhouette 

Sorry, I didn't het a picture of or with Bryan. I just felt it was a little over the top at the time. But if you follow me on twitter, you saw that I really did meet him and share my phone charger with him. xo

Have a great weekend, Lovelies! Check back later this weekend for more Fashion Week mayhem! If you thought I was finished posting, you are soo wrong. I have about 15 more posts coming your way! 


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