Aug 22, 2013

Crop to it!

I have been eyeing this crop top trend all summer, and just can't bring myself to jump on this train!  I want to, I really really do! But I come up with so many excuses as to why I shouldn't every time I attempt to (I'm too old, I enjoy eating burgers, shakes and fries too often, where can I actually wear this. You get the gist) 
Seeing Lilly Collins at the Germany premiere of her new movie, The Mortal Instruments, has almost given me the courage to give this a try.  There isn't much time left, so I better get on this while I still have time. (who am I kidding, I will just admire and envy from afar!) 

BUT if I were 24 years old, had a figure like hers (um, hello abs!) and not a care in the world, you can bet your pretty little high waisted skirt, I'd prance around in one of those as often as I could.  Until then, this miiiight be motivation enough to put the shake shack bag down every once in a while. . . Or at least contemplate the possibility. 

P.S. - I also have serious eyebrow envy! She is now my inspo for the "perfect" brows.  

images from NY Mag and Getty Images

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