Aug 29, 2013

Travel Essentials

Although I am staying in the city over the holiday weekend, I have a few upcoming trips that I am really excited about.  I will admit, I have neglected to spend money or time on my travel bags, suitcases, etc. Before moving to NYC most trips were no more than 5 hours, and I usually just packed all I needed in a Vera Bradley duffle, threw it in the car and went on my way. My means of travel and the frequency of which I make trips has changed quite a bit. I no longer have the luxury of my own car, to throw as many bags or over pack like I have been used to for years.  I now rely on public transportation to get anywhere, which means downsizing my "need" list when packing and only taking the essentials.  I have become really good at packing things I can wear several different ways or several times over the coarse of my trip. I guess I am becoming more of a savvy traveler, if you will.  But my suitcases and carry-on bags were in serious need of an upgrade. Broken zippers on my suitcases and bottomless totes where I was searching for tickets, passes, wallet,etc made traveling much more stressful every time I headed out the door. Would someone steal my belongings, would I lose my ticket before I get to the airport?  Traveling has become stressful enough, I didn't need to stress myself any more, AND with things that were under my control.  So what did I do? I purchased new luggage, travel bags, and a trusty carry-on tote.  With Fashion Week coming up, I don't have any travel plans for the next two weeks, so I won't be able to really experience these new babies until mid September.  But I have already tested them out as far as packing goes, and I'm really happy with the products I went with.  This girl will be one happy traveler from now on (unless of course, there are ridiculous delays!)

Since I am not really a serious traveler, I didn't want to spend a huge amount on a carry-on.  I did some searching and found this option on amazon.  This guy may look small, but it's super deep and has inside side pockets for shoes and pockets for smaller items on the top inside flap.  If you use the rolling method (I swear by this), you can pack a weeks worth of clothes in this baby! .I went with Navy (of course), instead of black.  My last suitcase was purple, so I wanted something a little less noticeable and classic.  And if my guy had to carry, it wouldn't look too feminine. (hear that honey, I'm looking out for you too!)

I like order and I like things in their own bags, sections etc. These bags are perfect for keeping things together and nice and neat. Things tend to shift when traveling, and these bags help keep things rolled and contained, so everything is still the same when you go to unpack.  These come in an assortment of colors and you can buy them individually if you don't want all three.  They also come in other sizes as well. 

THIS is the bag to end all travel/carry on bags!  I have been looking for a bag to use as a carry-on that keeps things nice, neat, reachable, organized and in their place.  I came across this bag on a few other blogs, and once I checked out their website, I was in love. There are pockets for your iPad, laptop, even a side pocket for shoes.  There is a hook for keys, and a front pocket with places for your wallet, phone, and other small travel necessities.  It even has a back slip for you to put over your carry-on handle. I mean, can we say perfection!? I had the hardest time picking a color, but ended up going with black.  I know how plain!  But my thinking was, I could also use this for a work bag (I sometimes have to lug my work computer home or traveling with me), and black just looks more professional.  BUT the army green color is still haunting my dreams! Maybe for my next bag? Check out this video to see what all you can pack into this beauty!

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  1. Excellent travel essentials! Just ordered the packing cubes & can't wait to use them for an upcoming trip!
    p.s. love the new look :)


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