Aug 5, 2014

{New Series} NY See

Well Lovelies, as you may have seen from my Friday post, my computer is up and running again (I am sure you all were really worried) and it seems just in time!! I have been working on my blog calendar over the past few days and some exciting posts, new weekly series, and a few other things are coming up on SBF soon. Fashion Week is a month away (how is that possible!?), so we are ramping up with more posts about style, trends, who to watch, and what to do if you are going to be in the city. 

Today marks a new series on Saved by Fashion; NY See.  I always get questions about where to stay, shop, eat, and explore when people are visiting NYC.  My list on my phone is growing my the week as I try out new places so often.  So I decided to dedicate a place on the blog where you can go to and find my recommendations all in one place! Plus it's also helpful for me if I'm having one of those moments when I cannot remember a place and need to jog my memory.    

This weeks choice is none other than Uva - my favorite little Italian spot on the Upper East Side. 

You may have heard me mention this place before, and if so I'm sorry to repeat.  But once you find 'that' place, you just can't stop blabbing about it.  I was first introduced to Uva a few months after moving here.  The guy I was dating at the time suggested it as a great dinner spot for when my mother was visiting.  I live on the east side and think the Upper East Side is just so charming, so that was the place I chose from his list, and it's been one of my 'regular' places ever since.  

Where is it located:
2nd avenue between 77th and 78th streets. 

What is the atmosphere like:
Depending on the day and time, it can be crowded and noisy in the front room as most locals come to the bar after work.  There is a backyard patio open year round and a private wine cellar as well.  The patio is a bit more intimate and quiet.  With exposed brick,  and a fireplace, you sometimes forget you are smack dab in one of the busiest cities in the country.  
I have only been here for dinner, but the do have lunch and a weekend brunch.  Everything I have ordered or people I have brought with me have ordered has been wonderful.  No complaints! 

Being an italian restaurant, you can bet their wines are going to be good.  They have an extensive wine list that is sure to satisfy everyone in your group.  
If I am there before 7pm (not often), I typically do the Wine flights - it's the best way to try out different wines. They do have a full bar, so you can get your favorite cocktail if you prefer.  

My favorites: 
Sheeps Rocotta Cheese and Black Truffle Honey Bruschette
The Cheese Plate - you can choose your cheeses and can order up to 5 different types
Pear and Gorgonzola Salad
Ricotta Gnocchi 

picture from uva

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