Aug 29, 2014

Follow Friday {8.29.14}

Well Lovelies, today is the day! MOVING DAY!  I cannot tell you how excited I am to move to a bigger place and live in a different neighborhood, but at the same time, it's a little bittersweet.  I have lived in this building since I moved to NYC three years ago. I have grown to love my super and doorman and have really felt at home there.

In keeping with the home theme, I have a few of my favorite decor sights to take a look at this week.  I have been looking non stop at these for ideas and options for the new place.

I have done a few posts about this company before, but I just couldn't pass up the chance for you to get to know them again!  They have everything you could possibly want to decorate your apartment.  I, for one, and a huge fan of their rugs and have several on my wish list for the new place.  If you are looking for decor items, Lulu & Georgia has so many to choose from.  

I can not get enough of Furbish Studio's Instagram!  They always have the greatest decor ideas and super cute home decor.  I am not afraid of color and mixing patters, and they have great items they showcase a lot of styling and pairing options!  If you are a bit scared of design like I am, it's a great site for inspiration and ideas.  They are located in Raleigh, NC but have a website that carries most of the items you see on their accounts.  

I am sure you are familiar with One King Lane, but have you stumbled across their Instagram account? If not, well then you should!  Not only do they feature items that have on sale that day, they also show you how to decorate, pair or design a space with those featured items.  All their furniture is really great quality, so don't let the sticker price (even on sale) scare you off.  It's worth the money! 

Do y'all remember when Domino Mag was first published years ago? It was one of my favorite magazines and I was so upset when they decided to cancel it.  So you can imagine my surprise and excitement when they brought it back AND with it, a fabulous website.  You can shop, get decor ideas and read about other readers and their decorating endeavors.  It's a refreshing occurrence when I see that daily email pop up! 

image via pinterest

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